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My journey towards success by creating focus and balance.

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Let me share my story of success and failure. I used to do a mediation focused on abundance all the time, and especially when I had a hard task ahead of me or was feeling that my energy was becoming depleted. It was like magic how quickly my situation would improve and amazing offers would just come to me. This year I was off track, exhausted, and overextending myself towards things that I had no passion for. I had really lost my focus and fallen into the primal way of living; consumed with basic survival such as paying rent, buying food, and so on. I had lost my spark that would create magic in my life and got stuck in an unfulfilling loop. Now, that’s not to say when you are successful you don’t have bills or that you can ignore your responsibilities. But, what I found is when all you do is focus on the bills and responsibilities you are doing nothing to create solutions.

When you focus on your goals and aspirations then the primal issues become non-issues as they are resolved by the success you create. So recently I had that light bulb moment, “What am I doing? This is not me! I live life with passion! I motivate others and need to motivate myself!” So, I decided to turn my meditation into a recorded track that I can listen to anytime, get back on track and reignite my spark.

Just taking this step has already started to create positive change in my world and fuel my energy to be the bright person that I am meant to be. I am excited to be back on track and I hope you will enjoy my reignited energy!

March 20th I started listening to my track again and plan to every single day for 30 days.  I am 12 days in and feeling great and making a lot of positive change.  I plan to share with you my life improvements after completing this 30 day challenge. I made a list of where I am right now, where I want to be in 30 days and will let you know where my new focus and balance takes me after 30 days.

I am excited for my journey and hope you find inspiration from my journey to fuel your own journey.

If you want to try this for yourself you can view a sample video/track at this link:

Thanks for listening and I will be in touch with updates soon! xoxo

Creating Focus & Balance will get you ready for success and ready to live an abundant life. Recharge and fuel your energy for success!

I created this track as a source of inspiration and motivation for myself and my family and would now like to share with you!

This track is designed to keep you on track when following your dreams and passions. We can do this by remembering to stay focused and balanced. When you are in the right state and frame of mind then you can effortlessly create abundance and prosperity in your life.

Listen to this track daily either in a relaxed mediative state with your eyes closed or passively as you go about your day. Either way the more you listen to this on a regular basis the more it will help you to set up your energy for success. Following your dreams and aspirations will become more effortless the more you exercise the muscles for creating positive energy. This track serves as a tool to help you strengthen your positive energy and become unstoppable.

If you enjoy what this brings to your life then I would encourage you to invest into the power of 11:11 and purchase the 11:11sec track from my site:

I wish you the most beautiful, successful, abundant life! xoxo

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