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Practice your assigned vocal exercises to the corresponding scales.  

Make sure to practice everyday for best results! 

**These scales are designed to be used with the individual training program assigned to each student

at their private vocal lesson. 

If you are not currently a student and would like to start training with me please let me know! 

Want to learn how to sing from the heart and at the fullest of your potential?


Students that are very passionate about singing and really want to learn how to master their voice will find my technique takes them to that next level.  My approach is to reprogram and exercise the internal muscles and mechanisms that function in order to create sound.  Essentially we do a series of different exercises that are like lifting weights for the vocal cords, the larynx, pharynx, soft palate, hard palate, tongue, mask, lungs, everything that makes up the instrument of the voice,  By doing this we then strengthen these mechanisms that create sound and activate them to work in their natural instinctive way, without interference or manipulation and at their full potential.  Creating sound becomes very easy and effortless allowing the student to not need to over effort when singing.  Now they are able to shift their focus to the emotions of the song and having fun singing. 


I also work on building performance skills which further enhance the singing ability and potential.  My approach focuses on the whole package of being a professional singer, even creating an impressive repertoire to support your singing goals and helping you to unlock your full potential.  I absolutely love singing with all my heart and wish to help others be able to discover how magical the art of singing can be!

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