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SYNN cover Bodies by Drowning Pool RELEASE DATE: APRIL 19, 2019

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

SYNN, an original hard rock / metal band based out of Los Angeles, California is releasing the single and music video for the song “Bodies” worldwide on April 19, 2019. SYNN independently released their debut album "Venom" in 2017. The band was originally formed in August of 2006 and has maintained the current line-up since January 2017 which includes vocalist Melissa Jane, bassist Mike Status, guitarist Chris Sestric, and drummer John Chominsky.

Why did the band choose this particular song to cover? Here is the backstory of an idea that was sparked about 10 years ago.

Lead singer Melissa Jane joined the band in 2009 and immediately hit it off with the band becoming the best of friends in what she now considers to be her extended family. Melissa and Mike specifically bonded over their mutual fondness of the song “Bodies”. They both thought the song had a great energy and it always put them in a fun rockin’ mood whenever they listened to it. Bassist Mike Status (who also shares in SYNN’s vocal duties) loved to sing that particular song at karaoke and over time, it became a song for them to get pumped to. Melissa started to entertain the idea that the band should cover the song. Melissa states that “everyone would always cheer yeah that would be cool, but it never happened”. However, it remained Melissa and Mike’s friendship-fun-song for the next 10 years until finally it seemed the time was right. The addition of Chris Sestric as guitarist to the band in 2017 added a new infusion of energy and excitement to the group. Chris and Melissa had actually been long time friends and even performed in other projects together in the past. So the extended family extended even further. There now seemed to be a new found balance and enthusiasm as new ideas flowed and….bam, the new cover of “Bodies” was devised.

It was also important for the band to cover this song in an effort to pay homage to its original creator, the singer of Drowning Pool, Dave Williams who wrote the song but died just months after the it’s original release in 2001. His song played a big part in forming a genuine bond amongst the SYNN band members. Melissa Jane explains “His messaging of the song definitely resonates with the attitude and thoughts of our band.”

Dave Willams talked about “Bodies”, saying…..

“CJ came up with the riff, and I thought that was cool and I said, 'Let the bodies hit the floor,' and they looked at me and said, 'That’s pretty cool.' We just built it around that hook and the rest fell in place. It’s about my perspective when I look out and see the pit. It’s about forgetting everything that has happened to you that week, leave your bullshit at the door and get it all out. But you have to have respect for the others in the pit. If you push them down, you have to pick them back up. I’m not going to get behind the violence thing, it is violent, but there is a certain amount of respect and a code.

The band hopes you enjoy their “friendship celebration song” and welcomes you to become part of the extended family of SYNNers!

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