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Why I love to share "Gothic Inspiration".

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

I posted this definition of the word “Goth” over a year ago as it sparked how I identified with being a Goth as my ancestry is Italy and that Italian ancestry is connected to the Ostrogoths. I also have a love for metal and rock music but it goes deeper than that it is a love of creativity and seeing the beauty in things that others do not see or maybe take for granted.

Recently I have started sharing what I like to call Gothic Inspiration. For me Gothic Inspiration is words of wisdom that push you to look outside your box, to challenge yourself, open your mind and open you heart, to live with passion, to follow your dreams, see beauty in all things great and small and be beautiful inside and out in everything that you do.

I have always seen myself as an edgy person that loves to sparkle in so many different ways and you can see that from when I was as young as 5 years old. I always knew who I was and what I wanted and enjoy my weird goofiness. It is hard to try to be any other way than what you feel in your heart and when I am not my true self I certainly feel unbalanced. I feel that my true inner being is a “Gothic Queen” and I want to let that shine more and help others to let their inner Gothic Queen shine too!

In my opinion a true Gothic Queen has a balance of edge, femininity and sparkle. If you look at any Gothic architecture it reflects the same, a beautiful balance of edgy, pointed arches, feminine appeal with large windows and elaborate tracery all perfectly pair to sparkle in the sunshine and glow in the moonlight. It is this elegant balance of light and dark that creates contrast and helps us to see the finer, intricate details with perfect clarity.

There is so much beauty when you really look. So see the beauty in you and in everything that surrounds you, for we are all Kings and Queens of our universes. I hope you enjoy the Gothic Inspiration I share. I will continue to share these inspirations to inspire and motivate you to let your universe shine brighter and brighter.

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