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All intuitive jewelry is made with real precious gem stones to help balance and align your body and spirit. 


This piece is called the 'Angelic Balance' and it is made with the following precious gem stones: 


Tourmalinated Quartz:

Protects the wearer from negative thoughts and emotions.  Provides a balance of yin/yang energies and releases negative patterns.



Activates the highest three chakras-throat, third eye, and crown. Helps us to speak, think and connect with others honestly and with clarity and compassion. Amplifies inner visions, psychic abilities, and lucid dreaming.



Helps to cleanse and protect the aura, attracts love and abundance, enhances power, protection and grounding, and shields against negativity.


Dragons Blood:

Encourages us to live with honor and integrity.  Strengthens the physical and etheric bodies.  Heals illness, negative conditions and vitality.


Rainbow Quartz:

Assists in communicating with angels ad spirit guides.  Protects one from stress and negativity and enhances the energy of other crystals.

Bracelet - Angelic Balance

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  • 'Angelic Balance' can also be paired with the 'Guardian Of The Soul' bracelet and the two pieces are available  together as the 'Guardian Angel Combo' for $169.

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