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MJ Lightning Latest News

Latest News

Final Gravity Album - Surviving Humanity.  Support the band and buy the album.
New Album Release! ​

I wrote this album Surviving Humanity with my band Final Gravity over the last 10 years.  This album is a real expression of my soul that I am so happy to be able to share with you!

Order an autographed album shipped to anywhere in the world.

MJ Lightning Headshot.  Taken at a Lady Zep photo shoot.
Melissa Jane
Melissa Jane - Born in Melbourne, Australia, she made her first T.V. appearance at the age of 7 and hasn’t stopped performing since. A skilled triple threat, she has performed in numerous bands and shows throughout Australia. Her most recognized international success is fronting the pop R&B group Les BiJioux in Japan, hosting the T.V. show X-Beyond Surf on ESPN International and starring on VH1’s Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp Season 2.  Based in Los Angeles she is currently lead singer for the bands Lady Zep, Final Gravity and SYNN.  Trained in opera, Melissa combines her powerful voice with a captivating stage presence to create a unique “front-woman” unlike anyone else on the scene today. 
The Bad Kick - Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp.  They were the winners of this battle of the bands reality TV show.
VH1's Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp - Season 2

Click the link to see Melissa Jane Rock out with superstars Matt Sorum, Paul Stanley, Marky Ramone, Phil Colin, Eddie Kramer and Sammy Hagar

MJ Entertainment Unlimited.  Helping to entertain, motivate and inspire all.
My secret to success - Creating Focus & Balance
I created a motivational track based off other tracks I would regularly listen to.  I wrote a script of  what I think are the most powerful affirmations for creating "Focus & Balance" in order to be abundant and successful.  I came up with this idea for myself and thought it would be great to share with others what I do to create a successful music career.  I hope you find it uplifting and enjoyable! xoxo

Lightning Clothing.  Nuture your inner Gothic Goddess and shine like lightning.
Lightning Clothing

A fashion line created by Melissa Jane

Clothing for the edgy Goddess, her mission is to help everyone unleash their inner Goth, fun style and edgy uniqueness with perfect balance!

MJ Lightning Youtube Channel.  Be entertained and inspired.
Melissa Jane Weekly Videos

I am posting videos every week on Friday at 5pm which showcase my life and music career over the years since I was 5 years old.  Subscribe to my channel and tune in to watch fun episodes every week: 

Melissa Jane Videos

Melissa Jane Videos

Melissa Jane Videos
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NowhereJam - Find The Light (official music video)

NowhereJam - Find The Light (official music video)

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NowhereJam - Alive today (official music video)

NowhereJam - Alive today (official music video)

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NowhereJam - Create my reality (official music video)

NowhereJam - Create my reality (official music video)

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